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More Evidence Presented in Defense of Planet 9

By Matt Williams In January of 2016, astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin published the first evidence that there might be another planet in our Solar System. Known as “Planet 9” (“Planet X” to those who reject the controversial 2006 Resolution by the IAU),...

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Messier 58 – the NGC 4579 Barred Spiral Galaxy

By Tammy Plotner Welcome back to Messier Monday! Today, we continue in our tribute to our dear friend, Tammy Plotner, by looking at the barred spiral galaxy, Messier 58. In the 18th century, while searching the night sky for comets, French astronomer Charles Messier...

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Carnival of Space #531

By Susie Murph This week's Carnival of Space is hosted by Brad Rogers at The Evolving Planet blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #531. And if you're interested in looking back, here's an archive to all the past Carnivals of Space. If you've got a space-related...

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