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See Mercury At Dusk, New Comet Lovejoy At Dawn

By Bob King Mercury requests the company of your gaze now through the beginning of April, when it shines near Mars low in the west after sunset. Created with Stellarium March has been a busy month for planet and comet watchers. Lots of action. Venus, the planet that's...

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What About a Mission to Titan?

By Fraser Cain As you probably know, NASA recently announced plans to send a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa. If all goes well, the Europa Clipper will blast off for the world in the 2020s, and orbit the icy moon to discover all its secrets. And that's great and...

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Curiosity’s Battered Wheels Show First Breaks

By Matt Williams Since it landed on August 6th, 2012, the Curiosity rover has spent a total of 1644 Sols (or 1689 Earth days) on Mars. And as of March 2017, it has traveled almost 16 km (~10 mi) across the planet and climbed almost a fifth of a kilometer (0.124 mi)...

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Why Doesn’t Earth Have Rings?

By Fraser Cain Before we really get started on today's episode, I'd like to share a bunch of really cool pictures created by my friend Kevin Gill. Kevin's a computer programmer, 3-D animator and works on climate science data for NASA. And in his spare time, he uses...

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