Memories and More.

Ten years have gone by since the dawning of WRAC.
Though times have changed and members have followed their life-paths,
The stars and the night skies have always been there.

WRAC has seen ten years explode with learning, with joy and with laughter of
many friendships beginning  and still going strong under the wonderous, ever magnificent, star studded
dark skies.

Many a happy hour has been spent showing and quietly teaching visitors,
members and the curious, giving all great opportunity to visit our Milky Way Home.

This year, our Tenth Anniversary,  we wish to remember those times and
commit to lots more.

Please feel free to join us at:

Kloofendal Nature Reserve
Veronica street, Roodepoort.
Date: 14 April 2018
Time: 16:00

There is no entry fee but a donation would be gratefully accepted by The
Friends of Kloofendal. A small group of people committed to caring for this Nature Reserve.

Please contact Kenny 0823351983 or Errol 0823327771 to make a booking for the occasion.