About Us

The First Meeting.

Realizing the keen interest in star gazing and astronomy and lack of a facilities on the West Rand, a group of enthusiasts arranged for the first WRAC meeting to take place on the 9th April 2008 at the Witpoortjie Dutch Reformed Church. It was attended by 30 persons of different ages and experience.
Gerhard Koekemoer (founder member) was elected as Chairman of the Club. The committe members were Kenny Nevill (founder member) Vice Chairman and Spokesman, Kerryn Marcus (Secretary), Peter Marcus (Web Master) and Chris Vermeulen (Additional Member, Special events, etc.)
After the welcoming and discussions about the club and it’s role, 3 telescopes were set up. Viewing was initially limited due to cloud cover. The clouds however dissipated to some extent during the course of the evening allowing an excellent view of Saturn, the Jewel Box and other objects. Vince Nettmann (resident Astronomer at Maropeng) and Chris Vermeulen gave a very informative overview on “the night sky”.
What is the Function/ Purpose of the club?

The club was formed by it’s members as a means to
* promote amateur astronomy
* learn about astronomy from each other
* arrange group outings and star party’s in the Westrand. (Including outreach functions such as sidewalk   astronomy, etc).
How do I join?

Register on our Facebook Page.

Who can join?

Anyone can join the club.

How much does the membership cost?

The WRAC is a FREE club. We do not charge for membership. The only cost to you would be your time and the donation of R10 for the use of the Venue (you do get FREE Tea, Coffee and documents about astronomy).

Do I require a Telescope?

NO. You don’t require a telescope, but if you have one you are more than welcome to bring it along. Its adviseable not to purchase a telescope until you are sure of “what you want”.